Training and rehearsing time

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Training and rehearsing time

March 14, 2018 News 0


More competition tips for current and aspiring pole athletes!

Training and Rehearsing Time…

How often will I need to train and rehearse in preparing for a pole competition? What do I need to do different than normal training?

Every competitor that has trained has a different individualised answer, but the most common thread is 5-7 days a week anywhere from 2-6 hours. They also include cross training such as running, yoga, and weight training.

You’ll spend time learning new moves and perfecting ones you already know as well as learning the routine.

Clean up your diet to fuel your body and keep it running at optimal levels. You can’t run of off bad food such as refined sugars, bad fats or lots of salt at this point. This will only run you down.

Take care of your body with massages, reflexology and warm, relaxing baths or spa days.

Don’t forget to rest. You HAVE to rest to recover from all of this intense training and to prevent overtraining, getting too tired and injuring yourself or over using certain muscles and getting injured that way…and you don’t want to fall ill either.

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