Tips from the professionals

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Tips from the professionals

March 14, 2018 News 0


We asked around a bit for some tips and helpful suggestions from some seasoned competitors. Here’s what they had to say…

Here are some tips and helpful suggestions from some seasoned competitors, gathered by Michelle Shimmy to help all pole athletes and performers!

Amber Ray: “Get some extra classes in before the comp in dance and gymnastics, don’t just stick to pole. And practise your game face in front of a mirror, that alone can make or break a performance.

Hanka Venselaar: “Training is important…but it’s even more important to listen to your body and take enough rest…. I found out the hard way…” (Hanka fell ill after training too hard for a competition).

Natasha Wang: “Finalize your routine choreography AT LEAST 3 weeks before the competition date so you can spend the last weeks running your routine over and over and over, with the last week in costume. These last few weeks are when you start baking in those important nuances, like facial expressions, emotion, storytelling, and when you perfect details such as making sure tricks are angled correctly to the audience, floor passes start and end on the correct parts of the stage, etc.

Marlo Fisken: “Make sure to choreograph time to just “be” in your routine. Moments of nothing are often the most beautiful, and many routines are too jam packed to let the natural flow come out. Being on stage will often make you rush, so practice….”

Lolo Hilsum: “My advice is to do your choreography alone. Because the dance is one identity, some feelings, one personality. And it is very important to make a story. When I build my choreo, I have a lot of images in my mind and each movement has a meaning. I was alone when I started pole dancing and I really do it for myself. So I didn’t wish anything except to live my passion.”

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