Policies and Documents

The South African Pole Sports Federation

Anti-Doping Policy

During the course of 2015 the SAPSF plan to release information on anti-doping. Anti-doping is to be implemented at the SAPSF National Pole Sports Competition in 2016. The SAPSF will adopt World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Code and make sure that the correct rules are applied for Anti-doping in South African sports.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The SAPSF Board have the responsibility of administering the affairs of SAPSF honestly and prudently, and of exercising their best care, skill, and judgment for the sole benefit of SAPSF. Those persons shall exercise the utmost good faith in all transactions involved in their duties, and they shall not use their positions with SAPSF or knowledge gained therefrom for their personal benefit. The interests of the organisation must be the first priority in all decisions and actions.

Complaints Policy

The purpose of Complaints Policy is to ensure that complaints process is flexible and responsive to the needs of individual complaints. In addition, it emphasises the need to communicate effectively with complainants and involve them in the decisions concerning the handling of their complaint. Users who are dissatisfied with the service they have received are able to raise their concerns and have them thoroughly and effectively investigated. This policy also sets out the timeframes for responding to complaints, individuals’ roles in the process and the reporting structure for complaints information.

Child Protection Policy

The purpose of incorporating a Child Protection Policy is to legally and ethically support athletes in pole sports, under the age of 18 as well as their guardians. Any athletes under the age of 18 must have full, written parental consent to take part in SAPSF events and competitions.

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Memorandum of Incorporation

The SAPSF is a Non Profit Company for educational purposes designed to foster the development of the sport of Pole Sports throughout the World. The SAPSF offers institutes and individuals who desire to join in membership for the advancement of Pole Sports, an opportunity to participate and contribute to that growth. These purposes are fulfilled through the aims and objectives.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The SA Pole Sports Federation (SAPSF) must act fairly at all times in the interests of sport. To be trusted to make the right decisions, we realise that our workforce needs to reflect the population we serve to treat all employees with respect. The SAPSF will ensure equal treatment. By this we mean treating people fairly, providing equal chances while respecting people’s differences – in employment and in support of the high performance system.
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